The research process is different for every single collection, because it’s always inspired by nature in all its uniqueness. We study the essence of the material in art, history and the landscape. 

The dream.

The research.

The method.

The action.

The essence of the material

We take the idea and look for the inspiration that will be our starting point, in shapes, materials and appeal of colors, combinations and elements of the landscape. The visual aspect is fundamental if we are to capture the essence of our project.

Our Lab

This is where we experiment with new ideas. We examine the brightness, texture and body of the material and the balance of colors in it. Every little tinge is a chance for expression and new discoveries. With every porcelain stoneware slab we lay, we think of its relationship with the total surface and the space.

The overview, balance of colors and texture determine how a concept becomes reality.


In this era of such great change we are still following our calling, the same we have had for 50 years, chasing beauty, aesthetics and design.

In creating our collections we took the time for dialogue, for expert research. We studied the environments and the materials and sought artistic inspiration. We built up the best technology to create them.

We are grateful for time, for what we’ve learned for generations.

We respect evolution.

That’s why our innovation is based on the human heart, above and beyond all cold perspective or intelligence.

We are Ceramica Sant’Agostino.

We take what is unique in nature and make it replicable, without losing any of its essence.